Yvonne Yvette brings out her passion for designing through her Yvonne Yvette (YY) Brand. She proclaims that the marvellous results of her work come from the pride she has of her life experiences, from growing up in the humble yet fashionable streets of Africa to living in bustling and trendy Europe in her adult life. The exposure to the fashion aspects from both extremes of the world allows her to make a double impact on the fashion scene. In particular it allows her to innovatively fuse African print fabrics with fabrics from all corners of the world to create world class designs. However, her work is not limited to that, she also uses a broad array of other approaches to designing such as those seen in her latest and diverse 2017 Bow Collection.

The YY Brand has become one of the most promising African-inspired and yet all-inclusive brands of this current generation. Although very young, the brand has made a huge impact in a number of communities, with several of its designs, created between 2014 and now, having been worn by many happy clients and models of various ages across the world. This includes formal wear, casual wear and even swimwear.

The value of her brand lies in the attention Yvonne pays to the details of the client’s needs and the thorough work that she undertakes in tailoring their bespoke clothing. Furthermore, the Yvonne Yvette brand is highly trusted on both delivery and quality.

Fashion has always been a part of Yvonne’s life. She was raised by a father who worked in a clothing retail shop and a mother who had a fondness for sewing and subsidised her family’s income with pieces she made from her hobby. Following the success of her brand, since launch in 2014 Yvonne, who has a BA Honours degree in Accounting and Information Systems, decided to leave her 9 to 5 job at a major Swedish Bank, in early 2017. She hasn’t looked back ever since.

Yvonne has earned a North West UK Best Fashion Designer award, a BAWR award and a  Women4Africa award nomination for her work.  She has also taken the YY brand to the Manchester Fashion Week 2016 and received rave reviews.

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